What’s your biggest pet peeve about how people write about your generation?

Those who clack away at Facebook statuses and cynical articles about millennials write to judge and parent. Millenials don’t need another parent because ours are down the hall job hunting, not for us but for themselves, in a market that doesn’t exist in or around our hometown anymore. Or they’re watching reality TV and simultaneously scrolling through Facebook as a sedative after working a fourteen hour day.

It’s important to understand that we too cannot afford to live in the town we grew up in (the one you raised your kids in) on our own yet we fervently desire a new hometown and a new chapter to call our own. Technology changes our world just as fast as yours and we also don’t understand how we can be lonely even though we have a device in our hand that allows hundreds of people we moderately know to “like” any thought, picture, achievement, or event we put onto social media. Being a millenial is a persistent feeling of not yet being an adult but definitely not a child. That’s why we turned adult into a verb. We know it’s something you do, not something you are.

“Adulting” became part of our lexicon when we realized that our lives consist of many immature adults who demand respect but never once show they are deserving of it. The millennial mentality is, “Respect is earned.” The “Me Me Me” Generation already knows  the value of hard work, we have been working on ourselves since our teachers began prematurely telling us, “it will look great for college.” We are selfish and thoughtful. Our “selfishness” consists of recovering from our childhood and past relationships instead of repressing our past so it does not fester into toxic behavior. All this hard work towards self-love helps us radiate and explore our identities so, we can vote for our interests with eyes towards the future and, equipped with an open mind to new solutions for old problems.

Society has breastfed us the illusion that, what has worked for our parents and previous generations will work for millennials. So writers, millennials don’t need a chore list, a better work ethic, or more discipline. We need help and advice, in the form of supplemental parenting. Millennials just want a physical, career, and personal place to call our own. We want to obtain more wealth, self-worth, and sense of purpose than our parents ever achieved. More than anything, we want the American Dream you advertised us.

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