Lovely Hearts Book Recommendations (Summer)

By the time summer comes, people have free time and want to catch up on some books. Are you one of those people? A wannabe avid summer reader but you don’t know what to read? Well each month, I will be posting a combination of 5-10 non-fiction and fiction books to read with a briefContinue reading “Lovely Hearts Book Recommendations (Summer)”

Expectations of Summer 2017

This summer has to be extremely productive for me. Here are some articles, reviews, and dramatic works I hope to complete this summer: American Apparel (short film screenplay) Tippy Toes (feature film screenplay) Temporal┬áLullaby (short film screenplay) Pink (full-length play) American Tourist (full-length play) A film review of Gook A film review of The TransfigurationContinue reading “Expectations of Summer 2017”