Nope is A Nope

A Retrospective On Jordan Peele’s post-Get Out Career and Copaganda Jordan Peele has brought me out of my two to three year long hiatus of writing film reviews for his latest film, Nope (2022). I’ve seen all of Peele’s films in theaters, on opening weekend, and this one definitely ranks third out of all ofContinue reading “Nope is A Nope”

Film Festivals Pivot Online, Leaving Production Workers Stranded

These interviews happened spring 2020. They have been edited for clarity. 2020 has brought an onslaught of layoffs to gig workers. Film festival programmers and directors host public webinars to demystify what’s next for the industry. Absent of an in-person, communal experience, online film festivals attempt to connect filmmakers and film audiences but cannot replaceContinue reading “Film Festivals Pivot Online, Leaving Production Workers Stranded”

Favorite Movies, TV, and Plays Viewed in 2019

In 2019, I made it a priority to seek out female directors and theater that prioritized race and diverse storytelling. I think I was successful. Here are my favorite things from this year. Feature Films A few films that I didn’t get to see yet but would likely be on this list Monos, Portrait ofContinue reading “Favorite Movies, TV, and Plays Viewed in 2019”

Part 1: Films Directed by Women to Watch During Women’s History Month

Do you feel like you haven’t been doing enough for Women’s History Month? Or do you feel kind of powerless and unsure of how you, specifically, can support Women’s History Month? I know it is already the 10th. But I have compiled a list of films directed by women that you can stream. This postContinue reading “Part 1: Films Directed by Women to Watch During Women’s History Month”

To All The Boys I Loved Before Review

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is infecting women of all ages with butterflies and infectious smiles. This film accomplishes more than putting an Asian woman protagonist in the leading role. Similar to the way Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade leaves audiences reeling after realizing, transitioning at any point of your life is painful. WhileContinue reading “To All The Boys I Loved Before Review”

Lonely Hearts Book Club: January

Everything Here Is Beautiful by Mira T. Lee 368 pages I finished my first book of 2019. I’m going to aim to finish two books a month. This novel follows two first generation, Chinese-American sisters: Miranda and Lucia Bok. When we first meet them as young adults and their mother is dying of lung cancer.Continue reading “Lonely Hearts Book Club: January”

Favorite Films Viewed In 2018

(in alphabetical order) 1. Annihilation (2018) 2. Beatriz at Dinner (2017)  3. Boogie Nights (1997)  4. Columbus (2017)  5. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)  6. Eighth Grade (2018)  7. The Eyes of My Mother (2016)  8. The Favourite (2018)  9. First Reformed (2018) 10. Frances Ha (2012)  11. Girlhood (2014)  12. God’s Own Country (2017) 13.Continue reading “Favorite Films Viewed In 2018”