What’s your biggest pet peeve about how people write about your generation?

Those who clack away at Facebook statuses and cynical articles about millennials write to judge and parent. Millenials don’t need another parent because ours are down the hall job hunting, not for us but for themselves, in a market that doesn’t exist in or around our hometown anymore. Or they’re watching reality TV and simultaneouslyContinue reading “What’s your biggest pet peeve about how people write about your generation?”

A Thought On Masculinity in America

I wrote this as a response for a fellowship application (that I didn’t end up getting). There have been more revelations exposed about Diaz in the past week. His abuse of women breaks my heart because when I found his books, he showed me a space in literature that I didn’t know existed. I willContinue reading “A Thought On Masculinity in America”

Top 100 Movies/Films (A Working List)

(In no particular order) The Exterminating Angel 20th Century Women Dogtooth Frida Rushmore Family Plot Repulsion Good Will Hunting Moonlight Sling Blade Being John Malkovich A Place Beyond the Pines Eyes Without a Face The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Get Out Just Friends 500 Days of Summer Bend It Like Beckham Legally Blonde TheContinue reading “Top 100 Movies/Films (A Working List)”

Lovely Hearts Book Club Recommendations- June

1. Kindred by Octavia E. Butler 264 pages Underrated and under-read. As a writer, the originality of Kindred is inspiring. Dana, a twenty-six year old African-American woman, lives with her white husband, Kevin, in 1976. While she is unpacking, she time travels back to the early 1800’s, where she saves a young boy, Rufus, from drowning.Continue reading “Lovely Hearts Book Club Recommendations- June”