Lovely Hearts Book Recommendations (Summer)

By the time summer comes, people have free time and want to catch up on some books. Are you one of those people? A wannabe avid summer reader but you don’t know what to read? Well each month, I will be posting a combination of 5-10 non-fiction and fiction books to read with a brief review and a hopefully spoiler free synopsis. My first round of recommendations will be out June 1st.

Why is the list called “Lovely Hearts”? Books open doors into new perspectives and walks of life we may have never been exposed to otherwise. Books are an affordable adventure, especially if you take them out of the library, that can make your soul feel full or realize there is a void in your heart that a character temporarily fulfilled. Whether you find a book traumatizing, humorous, gut-wrenching, enlightening, or insightful your heart will thank you. As I choose books to add to the list, I will be thinking “What did this book do to my heart? My perspective of life? Of people? Society?”

Expectations of Summer 2017

This summer has to be extremely productive for me. Here are some articles, reviews, and dramatic works I hope to complete this summer:

  • American Apparel (short film screenplay)
  • Tippy Toes (feature film screenplay)
  • Temporal┬áLullaby (short film screenplay)
  • Pink (full-length play)
  • American Tourist (full-length play)
  • A film review of Gook
  • A film review of The Transfiguration
  • A film review of Beach Rats

Stay tuned!