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Television Scripts:


Comparisons: Teenage Bounty Hunters and I Am Not Okay With This

Logline: When a teenage dancer with undiagnosed OCD masturbates for the first time, her vagina starts talking to her. The voice? A missing teen pop star that only she can save.


Comparisons: iCarly and Alexa and Katie

Logline: A middle school entrepreneur’s latest endeavor results in her deceiving her mother, the school nurse, and making the new kid confide his deepest, darkest secret to her.


Comparisons: Chewing Gum and Greener Grass

Logline: A disgruntled, twenty something dark-skin Black actress begins wearing a paper bag on her head to gain momentum in her career.

Spec Scripts:

  • The Baby-Sitters Club
  • Upload
  • Wonder Years (coming soon)
  • Girls5eva (coming soon)


Michelangelo, Bianca

“One” Woman Show

Synopsis: A black plastic surgeon who loses her features as she does procedures on patients and eventually turns into a white woman.


One Act

Synopsis: Holland is a new tour guide at The Museum of Sex. On her first Survivors Tour, for women who have survived cancer, her leads two sisters, Dinah and Sandra, around the museum and they get reacquainted with their bodies.

Hey, New Girl

One Act

Synopsis: In this reimagining of Rapunzel, Whitney’s mom, Janis, will not allow her to go to prom. Whitney gets sucked into MTV’s The Real World and learns about the blurred lines of consent when it comes to her body and her hair.


1o Minute Play

Synopsis: Hannah falls asleep during her standardized test and ends up in the nurse’s office. A place where she can openly express her worries about being a mother to her younger siblings.


One Act

Synopsis: Diana needs to finish her interview for the school paper and her graduate school application essays. As time and stress increase, she decides to interview her roommate, Celeste, who teaches her about what exactly her future could hold for her.

Audio Play:

What It Means to Be A Negro in Princeton

October 2017

This script’s source material is What It Means to Be A Negro in Princeton, a report by ethnographer Preston R. Wilcox. I recorded this script as an audio tour for the Lewis Center’s Art Festival at Princeton University.  It made the Making Histories Walking Tour accessible to physically handicapped people.

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